Phwlc is

a place governed by love, reflection and self-education

Hi, dear.

Where do I even begin? Do you remember that moment when you were petrified, yet excited, when you felt fear but also hope and some sort of courage? That moment when you finally got something you’d long given up hoping for? When you asked yourself ‘What’s next?’ and you knew that the voice inside was the only answer? Good. Because that’s how I feel now. And we have to start somewhere, so let’s start with something that we both know – I can’t help you. Whatever you’re looking for, you already have it. Whatever you need, you can get it. And if you need the inspiration, or hope to see the light, if you’re searching for answers, it’s you who you need, for the answer lies within. You don’t know the answer. You feel it. And the way I feel, I can’t possibly give you anything that you don’t already have. 

I’d rather show up here, true to myself and my path, and write my heart off and out. With some research done, and lessons learned, with the words put into stories, I’d rather provide decorations for you, for the journey within you, the journey towards your best authentic self. The journey, where you’re the main hero, writing your own story, resonating with the words or characters in a certain way, guiding yourself to the truths, learning or not learning from what you see or hear. I’m creating a place governed by love, reflection and self-education. And you’re welcome here.

You’re a beautiful soul, powerful, storing enough experience and knowledge, with the answers at the ready, following your own path. All I want to do is share this incredible journey with you – an early morning espresso in the corner coffee shop and a thought-provoking article, or some cozy evenings with a cup of chocolate cinnamon latte and new adventures of your favourite characters. I’d like to reconsider the definitions that we give and reflect on things together, learn the art of life, appreciate the beauty of it all, connect with the deeper purpose and chase our dreams. And even if they eventually take us on completely different paths, two different directions, two different worlds, I still want you to know that I care about you, love you, and I’m grateful for you. All I want is you – happy and fulfilled, the teacher to self and the learner of life, the master of yourself and the writer of your own story. We don’t dream of the same destination and we come from different worlds, but it means a lot to me to say – I want to share my journey with you for as long as it makes sense. Will you join me?