by choice

The Sorting Hat

I know why you are here.

You want to see the services.

You want to know the prices.

Maybe, you think, there’s a whole bunch of free or ready-to-use lessons here.

And that’s where you are wrong.

I believe that first you must feel that we are a match.

What I offer must be something that you need. Period.

If not, there’s no point wasting time on the details.

Do you want me to put it all in one line?


This is pretty much the gist of what I’ve been doing since 2011.

Let me translate that for you.

Besides teaching you a language, I also educate YOU. Yes. The whole awesome and full of potential YOU.

Language is more than a tool. It is a driving force.

And you are a living masterpiece.

Hence my focus on your personal growth.

So make sure that is something you’re interested in.

I’m a huge fan of personalized learning, individual approach and differentiated instruction.

I build upon your prior knowledge and learning experience.

I will always choose the variety of methods over any single method, no matter how popular it is.

It means

·• working on accuracy and fluency
·• habit formation and using mental processes such as memory and problem solving
·• both performance of tasks and genuine conversation
·• conversation is both the product and the tool of learning
·• written form can be presented before or after you listen to the language
·• focusing on target language but with occasional translation to save time and encourage genuine conversation
·• reading and writing can go before listening and speaking or vice versa
·• deductive and inductive teaching of grammar
·• grammar comprehension and real communication
·• grammar practice in isolation and in the context of the conversation
·• mechanic, meaningful and communicative practice
·• extensive reading, listening to audiobooks with personalized tasks and further discussion
·• instructor-supplied content and student-generated content
·• making lots of mistakes and learning from them

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Every tool has its purpose. And my purpose is to use the right tool.

My lessons are mostly learner-centered, built around your goals, your personality and needs.

Besides teaching the language, I focus on learner training to help improve learner autonomy.

I believe the strategies you learn in class may become the strategies that will later provide solutions to life situations.

How willing are you to learn your way to success?

True magic happens when the teacher and the student are in sync about methods, style and pace.

I have failed enough to learn this:

The more deliberate the effort, the more effortless the language will sound when you speak.

And I believe the students who share the same attitude will benefit most from my classes.

Take your time and think well before you answer the question.

Are we on the same page?


Are you still interested?

Flip the page to find out more.