Let’s Collab

and make something great together

I’m grateful for the amazing people on my journey. May our collaboration bear fruit, give answers and bring a lot of joy.

How We Can Work Together


If you have something to say, say it. If you want to share your story, share. Either that’s your service, product, or your life – there’s value in the lesson you’ve learned. And somewhere in the world, somebody needs that lesson. If you have a genuine desire to bring value to people, you can do it in many ways, including here. I’m inviting you to share one of your valuable lessons on my Phwlc podcast. The ball is in your court now.


Robert John Meehan once said, ‘The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives’. I couldn’t agree more hence my search for the like-minded teachers/learners who talk the talk and walk the walk, as well as a teachers’ club co-host, preferably with at least 8 years of full-time teaching experience. The most important question is, ‘Do we speak the same language?’ Because if we do, I can’t wait to work with you.  


Online courses have become a life savior for both creators and learners. If you are a passionate teacher with at least 8 years of full-time teaching experience, or a passionate photographer, artist or graphic designer with a portfolio, join one of my projects to create on equal terms. My hopes are that this team of independent co-creators be a source of worthy ideas, great results and joyous learning.


I’d been dreaming to go on what I call a ‘language retreat’ until I realized I could organize one. But why call it a ‘retreat’, if in this case the goal is to make significant language progress? So Language Immersion Advance idea was born, or rather, transformed. While currently in the early planning stage, this project requires a selection even more thorough than usual. I’m looking for the whole team as well as a sponsor and/or co-creator. More details are coming soon. But if you’re interested, do let me know.


Teacher Assistant is a person who doesn’t enjoy teaching itself but loves helping people and has amazing organizational skills. I’ve been saying it for years – it’s a job that should be in great demand. Everybody needs it. They just don’t know they do. Due to circumstances, I can’t afford one right now, but I know people like you are hard to find that’s why I’m sharing this need in advance. I also have a huge respect for people with such skillset hence my mission to promote this job.

If you’d like to work with me, or become a podcast guest, a course co-creator, a Phwlc EFL Teachers’ Club co-host or a Language Immersion Advance team member, sponsor and/or co-creator, contact me at askbria@gmail.com, and I’ll do my best to reply within 24 business hours. Can’t wait to see what we can learn and what contribution we can make together.

Best wishes,
Bria Kim